Will Ferrell’s Get Hard as bad as it gets, avoid it like the plague

We just don’t learn our lesson…My husband and I said we will never watch a Will Ferrell movie again, and there I was…forwarding another crude, rude, stupid beyond words Will Ferrell movie!

Will Ferrell is supposed to be trained by Kevin Hart about the hardship of jail as he was wrongfully convicted for fraud.  Yeah, some critics might think that the movie exposes some important social issues, but not sufficiently enough to have audiences endure the downfall of decency.

I don’t want to say anything else about this movie… just… don’t put yourself through it. Shame on me that I spent the 10 minutes giving the movie a chance.

John Wick 2 Disappoints

Stay away! Even though Keanu Reeves always seems to give some depth to the characters he plays…he can’t save the predictability and the lack of compelling characters in the story…the dog and the wife are gone…so is the motive of the main character to even exist! So, the end of result is a killer who just kills one antagonist after another… about five times and then finds a savior and disappears without dying so another movie can be made.

The swearing and nudity predominant in R rated movies, are definitely found in this movie. That should have been a great reason for me not to watch it, but my husband insisted so I fell under his convincing spell…

1 positive in the movie:

  1. I was able to tell my husband…”I told you so…”  🙂

Moana Enchants

From the astonishing and colorful images of its cinematography to its endearing  characters, Moana captivates the attention and adoration of its audiences, including the most skeptical one.

Despite the fact that Moana does not follow the traditional Prince Charming story line, which is well used by feminist groups, Moana shows not only the beauty of the Pacific Islands culture but also a cute story of triumph and friendship.

I watched this show with my girls, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

Only two negatives for this movie.

  1. In one scene Moana seems to refrained herself from swearing a real bad word. The writer seems to think that will give the character more personality and assertiveness. I disagree! Leave kids alone when it comes to this influence.
  2. I love music, but sometimes to much of it is tiresome, specially if the songs seem to follow the same format and tone… Maybe one or two are good enough! let’s just hear the story without using music to tell it so much! I get it, LaLa Land is a musical and won an Oscar, but movies are more real when the characters speak and not sing.