Why do we need religion

Religion is or should be a school of learning. A place where imperfect human beings go to learn the Gospel of Jesus Christ or the things of God. Hence, by participating in righteous activities and teachings you become a better human being no matter the state of your spirituality. For instance, you need religion the same way you need a school to learn to be a doctor. In a college setup environment, a teacher teaches you to save a human life. In a church environment, a teacher teaches you the things of the Lord, how to save your soul, a friend’s soul or how to live a life free of sin, which gives you the best alternative to find happiness away from the conflicting influences of the secular world.

Religion should not preach hate but love as Jesus Christ did. He walked across the land teaching people to love one another and to lay down their lives for their friends. What a great example and what a wonderful message to spread around the world. However, he did not only share this message, but he also built a church and taught people His Gospel. He called Apostles and introduced saving ordinances such as the symbolic baptismal covenant and the concept of the resurrection and Eternal Life. Therefore, He believed in religion, but a religion where we go to learn eternal principles such as the priesthood, the companionship of the Holy Ghost…a guiding force that teaches you in whispers based on your faith.

Jesus Christ taught us amazing things and left us with the greatest gift of Salvation. His actions and words are forever stamped in our souls. Who cannot be inspired by the Sermon on the Mount, or the symbolic Sacrament as he said good bye to his disciples in the Last Supper, or be eternally thankful for His suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane as He opened the way for us to achieve exaltation, or his physical agony on the Cross…

All of his teachings and life need to be taught… Religion, used in a positive way, does that. People who are offended by Religion should stay away for the ones that purposely criticize and diminish other people’s beliefs, but should look for the ones that seek to improve our lives through the teachings of Jesus Christ. To each its own though. However, let’s remind us all of our Savior’s message…”if you love me, keep my commandments…” (John 14:15) His commandments are found in his Gospel. His Gospel is his religion.

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