Kathy Griffin’s insane fame seeking goes after the severed heads of the innocent

In her insane recklessness, Kathy Griffin might have sat night after night watching the lunatic insults to the President from counterparts like Stephen Colbert wondering when she could jump on the bandwagon.  

Her irrational judgment, indubitably, wouldn’t let her go half way. Her makiavelic thoughts had to take her way further than comparing the President to a Gorilla or other insults that I choose not to repeat.

So, of course, she goes to the lowest, most outrageous, most despicable of insults. What her little brain doesn’t tell her though is that, by doing so, she is actually insulting not the President but the many innocent victims who have fallen under the knife of the most evil in this world.

She probably envisioned herself as a Heroine portrayed in newspapers, media outlets and such, or had dreams of liberals applauding her as she waived on a stage dressed in an Oscar-like gown.  Henceforward, she enlists a crew and actually makes it happen. In many ways, successfully.

She, plan intended, becomes the news of the week, and disgustingly but not surprising, receives the support of similar characters.

Jim Carey says:   “It’s the job of the comedian to cross the line at all times.” Jammie Foxx says something similar. Al Franken, with his out of this world despicable hypocrisy, says  he would still participate in a book event with her but, because of a possible political backlash, retracts from it and disinvites Griffin from the event. And, of course, Rossie O’Donnell who still focus her comments on the President and not the real victims of Griffin’s extreme lack of tact.

Is there good news in this tragic event? Yes. America gets it right no matter how long it takes. Despite the agonizing and frustrating images of support, a stronger conservative movement seems to evolve and images of disgust and disapproval are all over giving this country hope that stupidity will not prevail, but sanity and love of country still will.

I still feel sad for that 11 year old boy who had to see his father portrayed with such cruelty, and for the thousands and thousands of people who have to wake up every day to a real photo shoot.

Who knows also–no plan intended by Griffin, now in my book named “She evil?”–that this portrayal might serve to ridicule those who use it to promote their fanatic and extreme religious madness and, in consequence of, the shock value effect of their intent it is diminished.

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